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Tecno Label is a historic company based in Carpi (Modena, Italy) operating in the textile sector since 1998 and has since then qualified as a partner of the best Italian and international fashion brands.
Thanks to our competence professionalism and great passion for the research, we have been market leaders for years, constantly looking for new technologies to develop advanced techniques and unique quality products, in a 100% Made in Italy production cycle.
Dynamism, professionalism, tradition and experience characterize our way of working and our approach to any solution.
Passion, enthusiasm and inspiration lead us to take on ever-changing challenges, with innovative and revolutionary achievements. Being at the forefront and knowing how to intercept evolutions and trends is a mission for us! 

We empathically cooperate with our customers, we become their most trusted and very first partners, we listen to their needs, we know them thoroughly to develop their ideas and satisfy every single request in the best possible way.
From fine fibers and certified raw materials we know how to weave innovative products with style and originality with experience, commitment and avant-garde technologies.
We work with flexibility and efficiency and create our products with very high definition Jacquard weaving, using any type of yarn, from polyester to all natural, recycled and ecological yarns.
We create labels, ribbons and trimmings for the fashion market,  fabric custumized accessories  for any target or brand (bags, scarves, tablecloths, napkins, runners, lampshades, shoppers, cushions, coasters...), with any type of application: metal accessories, Swarovski, embroidery, thermo-adhesive...
We are able to insert RFID antennas on labels and fabrics, and to propose anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting solutions

Textile is a sector that is experiencing a time of great changes, with major investments in the research and development of new sustainable solutions, with the creation and use of innovative, high-performance and reliable applications and fabrics, derived from raw materials, natural and/or recycled.
With a view to respecting and protecting the environment, our company increasingly uses eco-sustainable, recycled, regenerated or natural yarns, on which it particularly focuses, implementing a policy of optimizing its quality standards and attention to environmental impact.
To guarantee quality management and controlled traceability, Tecno Label S.r.l. also obtained the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I Certification already in 2008. 

Info Label is a brand of Tecno Label that provides a traceability and anti-counterfeiting patented system for the manufacturing industry, for any excellence products and more generally, for all production sectors, together with relating information, advice and implementation.
It's a new technological solution against counterfeiting that uses an effective approach based on the reading of unique QR codes that identify every single information, of any product category.
With Info Label all you need is a QR code reading app on any mobile device to verify the authenticity of a product in real time.
Info Label professionally supports at very low cost, companies that intend to protect their brands in a multimedia and interactive way, through the use of the latest generation exclusive systems that are also indispensable to develop any innovative marketing strategy, allowing companies to interact in real time with the consumer.
Info Label's mission is to protect your brand, your products and your customers and to improve your marketing actions.


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