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Founded in 1956 in Milano, BOZART is actually one of the oldest and most prestigious family company in Ialy in the woman’s fashion accessories business.
At the beginning of the ‘60s BOZART first introduced the “Body Jewellery” concept in fashion jewellery as did Paco Rabanne in France. “Body Jewellery” is based on the contamination between costume jewellery and top-fashion dresses.
From the sixties, in its Milan factory, Bozart introduced, step by step, all the most important technologies useful for costume jewelleries production. The contamination between different process and different technologies, driven by a sparkling fantasy, has always been in the BOZART DNA
During the sixties BOZART, through its accessories,  gave new fashion tools to improve the sensual and seduction potentiality required from a new generation of women, more independent and international. For these reasons  the research of BOZART designers spread also in the direction of new exotic, warm, sensual and ethnic materials.
In the seventies all the experience in research and design lead BOZART to be the natural partner of the emerging high-fashion Italian companies.  Bozart made bijoux collections for fashion-shows of several Italian stylists, among them, Lancetti, Balestra, Rocco Barocco, Tita Rossi.
This cooperation could be possible thanks to the wide experiences that BOZART built up through the deeply knowledge of materials and technologies. At the end of ’70 BOZART used and mixed several technologies: stamped metal, brass casting, zinc-alloy casting, semiprecious stone cutting, glass work, light metal carpentry, wood work, enamel painting, rhine stones, plastic casting, and resin work.    Until today, these technologies, are still used and new technologies have been added:
CAD design, CAM technologies and 3D printing.
The very first best moment for BOZART came in the eighties when all the potentiality of exotic luxury and seduction met the requests of a wider public. Glamorous and gorgeous bijoux became a MUST and richness and luxury spread in Italy and pushed Italian style to an international achievement.
At the beginning of the eighties BOZART created a line of perfumery and eye glasses products: a universe of refined design and research that announce the coming of the nineties.
In the ’90 New cooperation has been requested from emerging commercial televisions and fashion newspapers. The ‘Fashion’ became a new subject that enter the social and the economical scene. The 30 years of BOZART experience in fashion brought to deeper collaborations with TV stylists, movie stylists and costume designers, and BOZART became the right hand of the Italian fashion and star system.  The most famous Italian star have wear and still wear BOZART accessories.
With the beginning of minimalism a new concept of luxury was defined, shifting the focus from colours to shapes and undersigning the importance of the freedom every woman has in choosing her own specific image and style.
With the beginning of the new millennium BOZART cooperated also with the most known international fashion channel “Fashion TV”. Together with Fashion TV produced a new concept of ‘spectacular’ fashion shows and brought it around the world, from Cannes to Hong Kong. 
In its long history BOZART managed several accessories shops, the first one has been founded in Milano in 1962. For this reason, the company developed, during the years, a particular attention to the client’s needing, that remain until today our first concern.
 Our design is featured on communication need and personal taste of our clients. They can choose among accessories that give a feeling of sensuality or classicism, that look powerful or romantic, minimal or gorgeous. Because every woman is different and every day is different.  
Faithful to our story, we’re glad to introduce you to “Bozart Gallery” of products, waiting for the next forthcoming experience…


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