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Marakò Gioiello Italiano, encounter of Art, Jewellery and Fashion..
Marakò has always been committed to enhancing women femininity and elegance, creating unrepeatable jewellery and guaranteeing you the best experience possible.
Imagination and colour, the greatest aesthetic impact and artistic design are the key features of Marakò Gioiello Italiano, since 1982.
Silver and gemstone jewellery. Made in Italy certified - 100% handmade.
Aesthetic perfection, through a high level craftsmanship with exclusive attention to every detail, which gives a haute couture look to even the simplest dress. ( View more at )
The brand, became known for the beloved line of Unique Pieces *, imposing and fine jewellery at the same time, formal and soirée sets, for an eye-catching look with class,

and Marakò Art section* - artistic pieces, created for important jewellery shows.
E.g. Parure designed as a tribute to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, exhibited in Milan on the occasion of the "Masters of the Jewel" exhibition - Liberty Palace, Milan.
Marakò, had been selected between the best jewellery brands at international HOMI Milano Fashion & Jewellery event, to design the set for the date - 300 Years from the birth of the Empress.
The majestic parure, entirely handcrafted, delicately combining shapes and colours, as if it were a painting, is today reachable by everyone, as a tribute to the greatness in every woman.

The brand has evolved over time with dynamic collections in which the piece of jewellery is constantly adapted to the needs of the wearer.
Innovation and Jewellery
The jewel changes shape, length and colour. You can daily customize it according to your style.
The customer is at the center, becoming the Artist and wearing a jewel which deeply represents herself.
Within guidelines and studied parameters, she (/he) can even create it, as if she were the designer. Marakò will guide her, for an excellent result. ( Synthesis Modular Collection - "How would your jewel be if you were to design it?” ).

Other collections respond to the desire of a dynamic product, quickly customizable and adaptable to various looks.
Scomponibile Marakò.
The study of shapes and proportions has made perfectly adaptable length and style of the jewel, to be daily modified, according to your taste and outfit. All within a single jewel.

Certified quality. Each piece of jewellery includes a warranty certificate that guarantees the authenticity of materials: semi-precious stones (quartz, agate, jade, aquamarine, etc.), cultured freshwater pearls, amber, precious natural Sardinian coral, processed in Torre del Greco and eco-friendly bamboo coral.
Refined silver filigree elements, from Campo Ligure and hand-engraved Cameos.
925 / °° silver, rhodium, gold or rose gold plated, with the best Italian galvanic treatment. Nickel and allergens free.

Marakò constantly invests in research for the most innovativ treatments, in order to make the brightness and beauty of the jewel unchanged for a long time. Already at the forefront with the previous e-coating treatment, today Marakò has come to apply on silver and stone jewellery, an exclusive antioxidant, superior and patented treatment, currently the best on the market.
High level production, made in Italy certified. 100% handmade.
Artistic and exclusive, cared in every detail.
Only the best creations are shown in preview at exclusive jewellery events and then they become part of the Marakò collections.
Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted with unmistakable precision, the finest materials and an asymmetrical artistic design, a distinctive feature of the brand.
Handmade by our experienced craftsmen who select and combine each single stone with taste.
This is why each Marakò piece of jewelry has its own intrinsic uniqueness and can not be the mere copy of a model


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